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This website and blog is about my research and interest in our collective journey of ageing and transformation. Individual stories of learning in all stages of life and collective learnings about wisdom and ageing will be shared. Lived experience as well as references to studies about ageing will be shared too. Please feel welcome to share your comments and stories too as we are always learning from one another! 

My Community

Global community of Mobilising Wisdom - taking our experiences [good or bad] and transforming them into a higher calling, vocation, or a lesson worth sharing. Feel free to add a comment. I have various other work roles, and will endeavour to respond. Thank you for your comments and communication. 

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Being an 'early bird' I am often up in the wee hours banging out a quick inspirational thought....

I research ageing as part of my work and interests. The topic of ageing led me to return to university studies as a mature-aged student in my thirties, and continuing on to post graduate studies. I am now approaching my fifties and can see converging and connecting dots of lived experiences that I feel could be important to not only share but understand as ageing as a vehicle for transformation. Join me in sharing your experiences of ageing, transformation and the lived experience.